Higher productivity through optimal climate

Temperature and humidity inside the greenhouse often play an underestimated role in plant health. Also with regard to the qualitative parameters of the fruits, the climatic conditions are decisive for the results of your harvest.

The importance of climatic conditions

The climatic conditions within the plant often play an underestimated role with regard to the health of the plants and the qualitative parameters of the fruit.

Particularly in the case of intense sunlight and intense heat in summer, heat build-up can easily occur in the plant, leading to "overcooking" of the fruit. This causes the fruit to lose its flesh strength and the harvest can be characterised by poor fruit quality.

A bad climate also supports the formation of condensation water, which results in high humidity in the plant. This in turn can lead to fungal and pest pressure and requires treatment with pesticides.

In order to achieve an optimum plant temperature and thus a high quality, effective solutions are required that ensure good ventilation of the plant.


VOEN Systems: Scientific results prove the effect

The automatic aeration effect of the patented VOEN film fabric comes into play precisely at these decisive parameters. It ensures that the fruit retains its full flesh strength until it is fully ripe or harvested. This effect is scientifically confirmed by measurements from the cultivation areas in southern Germany. Corresponding investigations by customers from fruit-growing regions in England and Canada also provide the same results.


What added value does the VOEN foil fabric offer you?

Two essential advantages of the VOEN system can be derived:

  • Higher tree productivity leads to larger fruits with better firmness.
  • A possible ripening delay of up to 10 days means price advantages through a later offer depending on the cultivated varieties.

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