Novelty / Premiere


Perfect appearance, excellent taste, ripe for consumption from the tree and yet durable until spring: that is Salsa®, the new pear variety released by the Bavarian Centre of Fruit Breeding and Pomology! Enjoy it!

Blushed pears are a sure-fire seller. Visually, 'Salsa®' is a pleasure to look at. And the best thing is: with 'Salsa®', most of the fruits on the tree have the typical red blush, which can be said of very few bicoloured pears!
The fruits are consumable right from the tree, but can also be stored very well: In cold storage until February, in CA storage until at least the end of May. They can easily be put into the same CA storage as apples.
But that's not all: the inner quality is superb. Fresh from the tree or directly from the cold store, the fruits are crunchy and sweet. After a few days in the warm, they become juicy-melting and develop a seductive 'Williams' aroma, which is complemented by notes of peach, passion fruit and fresh figs.
The tree is robust, grows moderately strong, branches willingly, bears abundantly and hardly alternates.
'Salsa®' makes pear growing dancing!

Why to plant 'Salsa®'?
Williams', 'Conference', 'Nojabrskaja', the triumvirate in German pear cultivation, are green, sometimes heavily russet pears. Pear cultivation suffers most from the concentration of varieties in nurseries and the trade; diversity looks different.
Salsa®' combines important characteristics of the three varieties mentioned above and surpasses them in some:
1. the fruits are aromatic like those of 'Williams'.
2. the tree bears almost as richly as 'Conference'.
3. as with 'Conference', the fruit can be eaten fresh from the cold store or stored later - depending on the customer's preference.
4. the fruit can be stored very well.
5. the pear has a distinctive red cheek on the sunny side, which makes it extremely attractive and distinctive.

Try the delicious Salsa® fruits at Fruchtwelt Bodensee! We look forward to your visit!