Product Highlight

SmartFresh™: just-picked quality

SmartFresh™ enables just-picked quality all the way to the consumer. Optimizing returns, saving energy and improving peak freshness, SmartFresh™ enhances your storage systems to help you deliver on your customers’ high expectations—and deliver your freshest produce further.

The award-winning technology’s active ingredient, 1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP), is similar to ethylene, a naturally occurring hormone that causes fruit to ripen. SmartFresh™ interacts with ethylene-sensitive sites in the fruit to manage its response to internal and external ethylene sources. This puts the ripening process “on hold” so that softening and over-ripening occur much more slowly.

SmartFresh™ has long been providing real advantages for growers, packers, retailers and consumers of a wide variety of fruits and vegetables—and you can put our technology and service to work for your business in a number of ways. For example, SmartFresh helps control bruising and scald in pears, maintains acidity in plums and helps limit decay in melons.

SmartFresh™ technology is especially valuable for transporting produce over long distances, maintaining freshness longer to satisfy customers, reduce waste and even allow access to new, more distant markets.