Product Highlight

Unique protection for stone and berry fruit

From an idea in 2001, VOEN has developed a roofing system for orchards over the past ten years. All in all, this system is unique on this market.

Worldwide patented system

This roofing system for orchards, as usual with the other systems, does not use integral foils. Instead, a stable hail net acts as a carrier structure on which foil strips are sewn in a brick-like manner and glued for additional fixation.


Optimum climate

This worldwide patented system offers the decisive advantage over other systems so that continuous ventilation of the system is guaranteed. This ventilation ensures optimal climatic conditions in the orchards and reduces the disease and pest pressure for the plants. Alternatively, it supports the healthy growth of plants and fruits.


Versatile and flexible in use

The VOEN foil roofing fulfills the most different requirements: Whether in particularly dry areas in Australia, on steep slopes in Norway or under extreme weather conditions.


Versions for every need

  • Steel foil roofing: safe, stable, quick to erect
  • Wooden foil roofing: safe, stable, extremely wind resistant
  • Foil roofing berries: Especially for berry cultures


Learn more about this roofing and convince yourself of this unique complete solution.