Novelty / Premiere

Zauberapfel® - the first storable red-fleshed dessert apple

The Zauberapfel® has truly earned its name: completely dark red on the outside, it offers the customer a magical sight when cut open. The fact that the fruit is also crunchy, tastes good and can be stored very well borders on magic...

Simply magical...

Some fruit growers have already had truly bad experiences with red-fleshed apples: the fruits of many varieties russet heavily, are extremely sour and/or loaded with tannins and quickly get brown druit flesh in cold storage. This is now a thing of the past: The 'Zauberapfel®' is the first red-fleshed dessert apple that can be stored well, has a very good inner and outer fruit quality - comparable to good white-fleshed varieties - and is high performing from an orcharding point of view! By the way, it is also allergy-friendly (for Mal d1 apple allergy sufferers).
With these outstanding characteristics, the 'Zauberapfel®' helps the red-fleshed segment to break through in cultivation, which is important in terms of acreage. You should not miss this!

The fruit has it all!

Once the 'Feuerwehrapfel®' (our red-fleshed dessert apple for autumn marketing) is sold out, the hour of the 'Zauberapfel®' begins: It ripens late (with 'Braeburn'), needs about four weeks of storage after harvesting and then convinces with a very high sugar content (up to 20 Brix) and at the same time a present acidity.
- The fruit skin is completely red to dark red - even on the shady side.
- The flesh is evenly coloured medium red from the skin to the core.
- Slight water core, somtimes observed at harvest, quickly disappears in cold storage and is unproblematic, testifying to its superior inner quality.
- Unlike most of its red-fleshed variety cousins, it does not tend to fruit flesh breakdown and can therefore be stored until May. From cold storage, the fruit can be marketed until the end of February. In CA storage, the apple can be kept until May, and with good storage management, even until July.

You can't believe all this? Try fruits of the Magic Apple at the stand of the Bavarian Fruit Centre!