Thursday, 24. February 2022 - Sunday, 27. February 2022


Tier&Technik 2022

Tier&Technik is highly regarded throughout Switzerland and unique in its kind. The trade fair for livestock farming, agricultural production, special crops and agricultural technology offers orientation and inspiration for innovative agriculture.

With around 500 exhibitors and over 33,000 visitors, Tier&Technik offers the largest meeting place and hotspot for the entire industry in Switzerland. As an international trade fair, Tier&Technik covers the most important areas of the primary sector:

  • Livestock breeding, marketing and care
  • Farm and stable equipment
  • Crop and fodder production
  • Fruit growing, viticulture and special crops
  • Timber and forestry 
  • Agricultural machinery, tractors, conveyors and tools
  • Direct marketing, services
  • Insurances
  • Renewable energies

The absolute trademark and highlight of Tier&Technik are the top-class animal shows with around 200 select dairy cows, cattle, calves and beef cattle, as well as the IGBS Elite Auction with subsequent show competition.

The 21st edition of Tier&Technik will take place in St.Gallen from February 24 - 27, 2022.

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