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R. Inauen AG

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R. Inauen AG - Big Dutchman - Natura Company AG is the innovative Company for poultry house, hall and industrial construction throughout Switzerland. Since 1959, clever solutions, good products, satisfied customers and great employees have formed the foundation of our company.

from Appenzell, Switzerland


Standards, Brands, Products, Services

  • P Coverings
  • P Windows
  • P Insulation
  • P Mobile halls
  • P Solar systems
  • P Doors, gates
  • P Wall coverings
  • P Bio-filter
  • P Ground systems, ground coverings
  • P Dung removal systems and dung robots
  • P Fans, ventilation fans
  • P Refrigeration and ventilation systems
  • P Ventilation technology
  • P Air washers
  • P Pumps
  • P Stall ventilation systems
  • P Stall equipment
  • P Drying systems
  • P Fans
  • P Wind protection systems
  • P Automatic feeders
  • P Egg processing machines
  • P Separating systems
  • P Aviary systems
  • P Poultry equipment
  • P Heating technology
  • P Heat exchanger, heat recovery
  • P Poultry farming, husbandry, production
  • P Chicks, pullets
  • P Lighting
  • P Conveyor belts
  • S Architecture
  • S Hall construction
  • S Agricultural construction consulting, planning
  • S Stall construction (cattle, pigs, poultry)

About us

Together with Big Dutchman, we have been serving the Swiss market with high-quality products for poultry and pig farming since 1959. The satisfaction of our customers is the highest corporate goal. We maintain a fair, long-term and cooperative relationship with our customers and suppliers as well as with our employees. 

We have continuosly developed our products over the past ten years. Under the motto "everything from a single source", you benefit from our great expertise in the field of stable equipment, hall construction for agriculture and hall construction for industry and commerce.