Product Highlight FRUCHTWELT BODENSEE 2023

Bag in Box filler & pasteurizer working in perfect synergy

We produce Bag in Box fillers and pasteurizers and offer a perfect combination for a hot filling process. Both machines are designed to work flawlessly together, providing a perfect synergy and the best user-experience for the operator.

Automatic Bag in Box Filler AUTOFLOW

Our Bag in Box fillers are extremely versatile and perfect for filling various liquids: from juice, wine, oil, to puree, cream, even soap and other.

Machine is suitable for both hot and cold filling and can fill Bag in Box and Pouch packages in sizes from 0,75 L to 30 L. It is also possible to fill 220 L bags with a special filling gun.

The full filling process of 3 L bag takes ~7 seconds.

Capacity – 300 pcs. of 3 L bags per hour.

  • The filler can have optional interchangeable filling heads. This way with one filler you can fill bags with different closures, such as tap, milk tube, screw cap, simple cap, etc.
  • Laser safety mechanism protects limbs by automatically stopping & cancelling the filling process in case of an accident.
  • High-quality automatic filling head provides stable and smooth filling process.
  • The filler can have an optional detachable buffer tank for hot filling. It is mounted conveniently on the side of the machine for better inspection and easier washing process. The buffer tank also reduces liquid foaming during hot filling process.
  • The buffer tank has an integrated liquid level control inside for regulation of overspill and level in the tank. Buffer tank also comes with a connection to our pasteurizer.
  • The filler is easy to clean after work with external and CIP cleaning.

Diesel/Gas/Electic Pasteurizers HEAT

We offer diesel, gas & electric pasteurizers for heating up various liquids. One of our highest machinery achievements is our energy-saving solution integrated into our pasteurizers. It saves the heating energy up to 15-20 % and results in incredibly low heating costs. Calculations show that it costs up to 2 Euro Cents to pasteurize 1 liter of liquid.

Capacity per hour – 900-1250 L of 80 ºC (176 °F) heated juice.

  • The pasteurizer is suitable to heat various liquids, including viscous liquids: juice, puree, wine, broth, milk and other.
  • The maximum heating temperature of pasteurizer is 90 ºC (194 °F).
  • Pasteurizers’ heating chambers are covered with special heat-insulating paint which preserves high temperature for a longer time and increases heating capacity.
  • Diesel/gas pasteurizer has a digital thermostat which provides an automatic water temperature control.
  • Automatic regulation of juice temperature ensures an easy way to change the filling temperature on digital display.
  • The pasteurizer is fast and easy to clean. It can be washed by CIP cleaning together with our Bag in Box fillers.
  • The boiler has an integrated spiral. This provides saving of space and also prevention of heat loss when pumping the water into external heat exchanger. 
  • Machine can use diesel, gas or electricity on client’s request.

Learn more about Bag in Box filler AUTOFLOW and pasteurizer HEAT on our website or contact us for a consultation.