Press release FRUCHTWELT BODENSEE 2023

Fruchtwelt Bodensee offers a platform for exchange right when it is needed

The 11th edition of the international trade fair for commercial fruit growing, distillation, and agricultural technology makes a lasting impression with its wide-ranging supporting program and new products from all sectors

Friedrichshafen – Visitors were able to freshly harvest many new ideas at Fruchtwelt Bodensee in Friedrichshafen, which took place from January 13 to 15, 2023. At the international fruit and agricultural trade fair, some 13,120 visitors and 320 exhibitors from a total of 28 countries came together to celebrate a long-awaited reunion. Seven universities and 21 start-ups made their debut at the fair, bringing new momentum to the event. “The combination of the panel discussions, the many and varied attractions, and the innovations presented in the top-notch supporting program once again confirmed that Fruchtwelt Bodensee at the Friedrichshafen location is an event that no one from the industry can afford to miss,” says Messe Friedrichshafen Managing Director Klaus Wellmann, providing a positive rundown of the kick-off event of 2023. The 41st Lake Constance Fruit Growing Days complemented the trade fair with inspiring lecture series, tasting seminars, and a panel discussion at the event opening.

Project Manager Petra Rathgeber had the following to share: “After a three-year hiatus, it was important that we were again able to offer the individual sectors a platform for personal exchange. Particularly in times of economic difficulty, this trade fair is a key event for fruit producers, farmers, and distillers that makes it possible for them to enter into dialog with one another, to maintain contact, and to learn about the latest products.” Robert Reck-Heinrich, Managing Director of Cargo Plast GmbH, also confirms the importance of the event for the region: “I have been a fan of Fruchtwelt Bodensee for many years and am proud that we have an event that reflects regional professions and interests – all the more reason to be pleased that the trade fair was finally able to take place again. Our expectations were exceeded, the attendees were knowledgeable, and our wide range of products was in high demand.”

Andreas Ganal, Managing Director of Obstregion Bodensee, took stock of the happenings of the last three days: “The fair and the popular supporting program showed that there is great interest among members of the fruit and distillery sector in exchanging ideas and obtaining new knowledge from one another in person. We also had the pleasure of welcoming many guests from all over Europe to Friedrichshafen.” Christian Zotter, who is responsible for sales at ETIVERA Verpackungstechnik GmbH, had similarly positive things to say: “Our impression from this year’s fair was quite positive. The large number of visitors to our stand was something we were really happy about. Our optimistic expectations from the run-up to the event were fulfilled. As an Austrian company participating in the fair for the first time, we took an initial step towards gaining more of a foothold in Germany. We had many good discussions, made new contacts, and have reason to believe that we will make deals in the follow-up to the fair. We will definitely be returning next year.” Sebastian Müller, Deputy Managing Director with responsibility for international sales at Müller GmbH Brennereianlagen, also expressed his satisfaction with the event: “I was glad that we were able to advise customers also from outside of Germany at our booth. It was obvious that people are again seeking out trade fairs for more face-to-face interaction. We have been a part of Fruchtwelt Bodensee for many years – because it’s important to us to cultivate old contacts, establish new ones, and have the ability to provide information about our products in person.”

In addition to the established exhibitors from the fruit production, distillery, and agriculture sectors, newcomers to the fair from the start-up scene were also pleased with what they achieved through their participation: “For us, it was only the second fair we have ever taken part in. The interest in our products was something we found very exciting, and the visitors were also very knowledgeable. We have already been able to begin to plan pilot projects through the contacts we were able to make,” reports Ruth Giese, co-founder of Ant Robotics.

The next Fruchtwelt Bodensee will be held in Friedrichshafen from February 23 to 25, 2024. For further information, see: and

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