Product Highlight FRUCHTWELT BODENSEE 2023

GPAK Plus M & GPAK Plus W

With our GPAK Plus bracing set, we offer two sets: GPAK Plus M (for metal posts) and GPAK Plus W (for wooden or concrete posts). In addition we also are happy to consult you on our GPAK Plus solutions for vines with and without protective nets.

Our GPAK sets consist of:

- a pre-cut wire rope
- a Gripple Plus wire tensioner (depending on the end post):

  • Wood and concrete posts: two-channel tensioner (Gripple Plus Medium/Large).
  • Metal posts: mono channel tensioner (GP No. 1 and No. 2).

- a protective sleeve and post protector.
- a Gripple adjustment key.

Your advantages:

- Dual brace points for even load transfer
- Can be easily re-tensioned year after year
- Zinc aluminium wire rope for corrosion resistance
- A convenient all-in-one package.
- Simplified installation, maintenance and repair = considerable time and cost savings.

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