Product Highlight FRUCHTWELT BODENSEE 2023

Nut processing - we are experts for many years

To wash. Dry. Calibrate. Cracking. From the nut harvest to the kernel. Process nuts quickly, easily and efficiently. We have machine for every amount of harvest. Learn more about in this post.

Health awareness is growing worldwide and nuts are becoming an increasingly important part of many foods. Local nut processing and cultivation is becoming increasingly important.

Nut processing consists of several processes: from the nut harvest, washing, drying to cracking the nuts. We offer proven, complete solutions or individual machines for each process step. Thanks to our extensive know-how as a complete supplier for nut processing, we can create nut cracking lines for any harvest volume.

Our machines process the nuts extremely gently and carefully. From washing and calibrating the nuts to drying, we offer gentle processing methods. The result is excellent quality of the processed nuts at attractive investment costs for the machines.