Product Highlight FRUCHTWELT BODENSEE 2020

VitiSan®: against powdery mildew, botrytis& scab

The biofungicide is an important component of the resistance management for scab, botrytis or powdery mildew control. It is not residue-relevant and has a protective effect. At an early treatment of scab and powdery mildew diseases, it shows also a curative effect.

VitiSan® is a residue-free fungicide based on potassium bicarbonate with compelling advantages against scab (in pome fruit), botrytis (in berry fruit) and powdery mildew (in grapes).


Your benefits:

  • residue-free
  • no risk of resistance
  • high-quality formulation



  • VitiSan® is well combinable with net sulfur Stulln, beneficial, Madex® MAX, Capex® 2, XenTari®, Algo Vital® Plus and many more
  • short to no pre-harvest interval
  • use during the entire scab phase in pome fruit possible (mainly conidia phase)


VitiSan® is a contact fungicide with both preventive and curative effect. Upon contact with the VitiSan® spray cover spores of fungal diseases disintegrate and dry out preventing infection of the plant. Furthermore, the alkaline character of VitiSan® changes the pH of the plant surface to the disadvantage of the fungi. Due to its unspecific mode of action, the formation of resistance to VitiSan® is not possible.


  1. Application Details in pome fruit:
    Scab, sooty blotch, fruit rot:
    2.5 kg/ha and meter crown height in combination with wettable sulphur. Start applications at the walnut size (BBCH 74).
  2.  Application Details in berry fruit:
    5 Kg/ha
  3. Application Details in grapes:
    Powdery mildew, botrytis:
    3 - 12 kg/ha. 3 - 4 applications