Albrecht GmbH Akku Ast & Baumscheren Profi-Hand-Scheren & Sägen

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Albrecht GmbH is a general importer of electronically controlled cordless tools from INFACO, which are suitable for cutting vines and fruit trees and for intensive work in wine, municipal, landscaping and forestry operations as well as in tree nurseries.


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About us

We have been a family business since 1988. With many years of experience, we are active in the wine, fruit growing, tree nurseries, forestry, garden and municipal services sectors. With trained specialist staff, a well-stocked spare parts warehouse and an extensive range of products from leading manufacturers, we are well prepared for our customers. We act as wholesalers and retailers and are active throughout Germany and in our neighboring country Austria. Our family business stands for team spirit and is positively supported by our specialist customers.

We have always relied on quality products from INFACO, the inventor of the electric scissors and one of the world's leading manufacturers.

In addition, we also have other quality products that should make your daily work easier.

Impeccable service and a fair price-performance ratio for sales, repairs and revisions are the business focus.

The personal contact and partnership with our customers is always in the foreground. Regular training and further education of our specialists round off the quality of our service.