AquaJet AG

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AquaJet AG is your partner for hygiene on the farm and in the barn. Efficient disinfection of drinking water, surfaces, claws and teats. Produced on site with our MZE generators for a minimal CO2 footprint, because we only need Swiss salt, water and electricity! Interested?


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  • B Dosatron
  • B Grundfos
  • B Tefen
  • B AquaJet
  • P Pumps
  • P Stall equipment
  • P Udder hygiene
  • P Milk room equipment
  • P Cleaning products
  • P Disinfectants
  • P Products for animal health
  • P Hatchery
  • P Animal husbandry
  • P Poultry farming, husbandry, production
  • P Chicks, pullets
  • P Calf fattening
  • P Suckler cow husbandry
  • P Pig breeding
  • P Cattle fattening
  • P Additional machines and equipment
  • P Beekeeping supplies (beehives, honey processing)
  • P Dosing units
  • S Claw care
  • S Animal health
  • S Cattle care
  • S Industrial hygiene

About us

Disinfection solutions for agriculture

AquaJet AG manufactures MZE generators in Wangen SZ, which are used to produce the disinfectant AquaJet® Anolyte and the universal cleaner AquaJte® Catholyte.

Drinking water disinfection

Your advantages

  • No more biofilm formation
  • clean, germ-free water pipes and drinking points
  • non-corrosive
  • pH-neutral
  • BAG approvals
  • simple and safe application

Your profits

  • more vital animals
  • calmer herd
  • reduction of germ count in milk
  • better bowl quality
  • greatly reduced cleaning effort at the drinkers and drinker nipples
  • higher yield

About us

It is very important to us to respond individually and personally to your wishes. With us the customer is the center of attention. Our activity is not only our profession, but also our passion. We would be pleased to count you among our satisfied customers soon. We offer solutions to keep the use of antibiotics to a minimum.

Our customers as well as many positive feedbacks confirm the many advantages and the effectiveness every day anew. This drives us to continue investing in research and development of membrane cell technology.

Your advantages

  • stable and low-maintenance technology
  • no risks for user, material and environment
  • low operating costs - AquaJet® electrolytic cells are durable and have no wearing parts
  • demand-oriented plant design
  • low space requirement
  • simple operation and active ingredient measurement
  • future-oriented technology
  • minimal CO2 footprint