Gisga AG - Glück im Stall

Gisga AG - Glück im Stall

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Your specialist for the farm, over 45 years of experience in looking after our end customers in agriculture


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Standards, Brands, Products, Services

  • B Kersia
  • B Schopf
  • B Plocher
  • P Automatic feeders
  • P Mangers
  • P Grazing equipment
  • P Fences
  • P Manure technology
  • P Udder hygiene
  • P Milk production, milk quality
  • P Disinfectants
  • P Bedding products
  • P Hygiene products
  • P Insecticide
  • P Composting
  • P Products for animal health
  • P Vitamin and trace element specialties
  • P Calf milk powder
  • P Specialties for calf health
  • P Additional feed
  • P Additional products for plant protection
  • S Claw care
  • S Animal health
  • S Cattle care

About us

GISGA LA AG, based in Hünenberg, aims to supply Swiss farmers and their businesses with products of the highest quality. The focus here is primarily on looking after dairy and beef fattening farms, particularly in the area of ​​feed supplements, stable hygiene and pest control.
In addition, the purpose is the development, production and sale of our own environmentally friendly and registered products in order to remain competitive in the dynamic market and regulatory environment. To this end, we work closely with leading manufacturers and sales partners.