GRIBA Baumschulgenossenschaft

Short description

Since 1987 Griba Nursery is known for first Quality apple trees. Annualy Griba produces about 3 mio fruit trees a year of all kind of varieties and new clones. Beside Nursery Griba has its own Breeding program with very interesting new varieties.

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  • P Tree nursery

About us

Griba Nursery - A quality certificate

  • continuos quality control
  • optimal storage conditions in the new warehouse close to the nurseries
  • innovation and research in the nurseries and in the own research orchard

Griba Breeding - Innovation in apple varieties

  • since 2008 Griba introduced their own breeding program
  • Griba varieties are not just unique because of its appearance, taste and firmness, but also because they are easy to produce, with high yields and good storability.