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The Regio-Box is a vending machine that offers the regional food attractively 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From fruit and vegetables to eggs, meat, dairy products, baked goods and ready-to-eat items, the Regio-Box can be filled with fresh ingredients every day.

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  • P Products Direct Marketing / Farm Shop

About us

Hensing GmbH develops innovative and economical sales solutions. The Hensing Boxes enable all market participants to offer their products 24/7. Hensing vending machines ensure competitiveness through additional sales outside of business hours without the use of personel - in the highest quality and security. The Hensing vending machine concept offers individual options with systems such as the "RegioBox", "ToolBox", "HotelBox", "GrablichtBox", "BackBox", "BlumenBox", "VarioBox", "PixelButler" or the "WunschBox". To expand the range, Hensing is also developing new vending machine systems for various industries (e.g. cosmetics, textiles, jewelry, accessories, electronics). Hensing GmbH was named "Growth Champion 2019" by FOCUS-Business and STATISTA.