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Krieger AG

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Krieger AG is a successful and leading company in the field of planning and stable equipment for Swiss agriculture.

from Ruswil, Switzerland

Standards, Brands, Products, Services

  • P Shadings
  • P Concrete elements, concrete grates
  • P Windows
  • P Mobile halls
  • P Roller shutters
  • P Doors, gates
  • P Dung removal systems and dung robots
  • P Rubber mats
  • P Farm equipment
  • P Refrigeration and ventilation systems
  • P Cow mattresses
  • P Ventilation technology
  • P Air washers
  • P Slatted floor covers
  • P Stall ventilation systems
  • P Stall equipment
  • P Fans
  • P Wind protection systems
  • P Automatic feeders
  • P Mangers
  • P Feeding auger
  • P Automatic drinkers
  • P Grazing equipment
  • P Egg processing machines
  • P Egg labeling devices
  • P Separating systems
  • P Aviary systems
  • P Poultry equipment
  • P Heating technology, warm water preparation
  • P Heat exchanger, heat recovery
  • S Agricultural construction consulting, planning
  • S Stall construction (cattle, pigs, poultry)

About us

Planning and construction supervision

120 - 160 building entries per year.
No one in Krieger's house wants to prevent a peasant from drawing his stable himself, move from office to office with plans, to study laws, to compare workman's offers and, beside his completed work in the house and yard, to be the "site manager" for his new one Barn to work. But if you really want to spend your time, avoid annoyances and make wrong decisions, you'll end up with a good planner, construction consultant and construction supervisor saving you money!

barn equipment

Krieger AG is the Swiss leader in stable equipment for cattle, pigs, poultry, air conditioning and manure removal technology.
Krieger AG has been a reliable partner since 1976 and has proven in hundreds of projects that it puts the needs of farmers at the center of their thoughts and actions.

direct sales

The assortment comprises 10'000 articles. Up to 50 customers a day use direct sales in Ruswil, Lenggenwil or Bösingen. Every year more than 8,000 farmers buy directly from Krieger. Benefit from our interesting pick up and cash payment conditions (not valid for net price items).

animal welfare

The warriors StallVISION3000 aims to guarantee the animal keeper for cattle, poultry and pigs optimal production conditions. In terms of animal welfare, labor and business benefits, no compromises are made. Topics such as architecture, dimensions, hygiene, feeding area, lying surface, manure removal technology, air, light and feeding technology are optimally coordinated in the Warrior StallVISION3000 and meet the highest demands.


Give people a job and opportunities. Under this motto, we are grateful to be able to offer employees in our companies a fulfilling job. Our employees are trained and encouraged in their development. In this way, they can always meet the demands of our customers and stay professionally on the ball. In addition, we train apprentices in four professions and thus prepare young people for the world of work.