Lemmer Fullwood AG

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Lemmer Fullwood AG

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from Gunzwil, Switzerland


Standards, Brands, Products, Services

  • B Agrilight
  • B Fullwood
  • B Hetwin
  • B Packo
  • B Trutest
  • P Silos for grains, feed
  • P Dung removal systems and dung robots
  • P Refrigeration and ventilation systems
  • P Automatic feeders
  • P Mixer wagons
  • P Feeding technology
  • P Feed distribution wagons
  • P Calf feeding station
  • P Milking systems, milk robots
  • P Milk room equipment
  • P Milk refrigeration systems
  • P Milk production, milk quality
  • P Work clothes
  • P Separating systems
  • P Heat exchanger, heat recovery
  • P Feed-pushing robot
  • P Lighting
  • P Conveyor belts
  • P Dosing units
  • S Agricultural construction consulting, planning
  • S Breeding program
  • S Animal identification
  • S Computer program
  • S Consulting

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