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from Zollikofen, Switzerland

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  • B Swissgenetics
  • B seleXYon
  • B Optimis
  • B SenseHub™
  • P Feed, feed additives
  • P Disinfectants
  • P Hygiene products
  • P Trade press
  • P Products for animal health
  • P Newspapers, magazines, trade journals
  • P Additional media, publications, events
  • P Minerals
  • P Vitamin and trace element specialties
  • P Active agent concentrates
  • P Specialties for calf health
  • P Operating materials and consumables
  • P Other products
  • S Animal health
  • S Meat program
  • S Breeding program
  • S Genetics offering
  • S Artificial insemination
  • S Consulting

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