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Small but perfectly formed: despite their size, berries are incredibly healthy and very popular. Whether eaten directly or processed they’re always delicious!

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Manure Spreader for Vineyard, Orchard or Berries

Small-sized manure spreader for use between rows of different crops such as vineyards, orchards, berries, hazelnuts. It allows you to locate the product at the foot of the row and adjust the quantity to be distributed. Possibility of different customized equipment based on the type of product.

BEEsharing P.A.L.S. GmbH 11. February 2020
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OsmiBOOST - Self-breeding of mason bees made easy

The beekeeping system OsmiBOOST for self-breeding of mason bees, which was co-developed with farmers, brings the bees sustainably back to their areas. For an ecological and economical pollination.

BEEsharing P.A.L.S. GmbH 11. February 2020

BEEsharing - pollination rethought.

Sustainable, modern and individual: that is BEEsharing. We bring agriculture 4.0 together with the needs of pollinators and farmers on www.bestä

Bosch Software Innovations GmbH 11. November 2019

Save time and money, maximise your yield.

With Deepfield Connect, you're safe from frost and heat. See for yourself and read how customers report optimized growth factors, higher yields, and cost-effective water and nutrient supply.

Heinrich GLAESER Nachf. GmbH 16. October 2019

Insect protection net ensures successful harvest

The drosophila suzukii spread rapidly in Germany after its implantation. Also, one of our customers had to fight strongly with the infestation of the pest. By using the GLAESERgrow insect protection net he was able to protect his yields and experience a successful harvest season.

Vissers Aardbeiplanten BV 19. September 2019
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Plants for professional growers

Vissers produces high quality planting material of good health. Professional growers will find strawberry plants, asparagus plants, raspberry plants and blackberry plants in our offer.

Konfitee Naturkost GmbH 19. September 2019
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Aronia plantation advice

Organic Aronia plants are also part of our assortment, as are the advice and planning of new Aronia plantations. Assistance in marketing and processing of the aronia berries.

Konfitee Naturkost GmbH 19. September 2019
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Fruit juices from the Aronia berry

Fruit juices made from aronia berries for retail and farm shops. Besides Bio Aronia direct juice there are other mixed juices in our Aronia fruit juice assortment.

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