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Fruit growing and harvesting needs

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Harter Landtechnik GmbH 14. January 2020
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Automated Fruit Grading/Sortiing

Automated fruit sorting is an integral part of fruit production. With our systems, you achieve the highest accuracy with regard to the selected sorting parameters at high mass throughputs.

Farmable AS 23. December 2019
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Farmable is the future of fruit growing in your pocket. We accompany you in the digitalization process by offering you an easy to use software. Farmable allows you to collect, organize and use your data in a way that prepares you for the future of fruit growing.

Mowein GmbH Moderner Wein- & Pflanzenbaubedarf 4. December 2019
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Mowein Blitzbinder

Mowein Blitzbinder made of special rubber for permanent, elastic and fast bonds in wine and fruit growing as well as for various bonds in other areas.

Heinrich GLAESER Nachf. GmbH 16. October 2019

Insect protection net ensures successful harvest

The drosophila suzukii spread rapidly in Germany after its implantation. Also, one of our customers had to fight strongly with the infestation of the pest. By using the GLAESERgrow insect protection net he was able to protect his yields and experience a successful harvest season.

Heinrich GLAESER Nachf. GmbH 15. October 2019
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GLAESERgrow Nonwoven Crop Cover

The GLAESERgrow + CROPprotec Nonwoven Crop Cover is used to cover plants directly on the ground in order to protect them against frost, especially at night. Our cover ensures even moisture and heat exchange and thus provides ideal conditions for the optimal and healthy growth of your crops.

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