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Fresh Forward Breeding B.V. 10. February 2020
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Natyra® is a new organic apple variety that is cultivated organically. Natyra® has an excellent shelf life and is naturally resistant to scab, therefore, only very limited use of crop protection methods is necessary.

Boomkwekerij Henri Fleuren B.V. 16. January 2020
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Large cherry variety portfolio

There is something for everyone in our cherry variety portfolio: we carry early to late varieties. Among others, we offer the Cerasina® Prim and Final series, established varieties such as Kordia and Regina, and many other cherry varieties. We are particularly proud of our large-fruited variety.

Fresh Forward Breeding B.V. 16. January 2020
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Magic Star®

Magic Star® is a conventional variety that is a cross between Elise and a scab resistant selection. This scab resistent variety produces firm and appealing fruits that not only have a crunchy bite and a sweet taste, but also have a remarkably long shelf life.

Botden en van Willegen BV 16. January 2020
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Intesive-red colored Gala with many stripes

Alpigala is a Gala-clone, whose fruit is characterized by an early coloring, very dark over coloring and very pronounced stripes. For further information please visit our booth at Fruchtwelt Bodensee 2020 and we look forward to seeing you there.

ARTEVOS GmbH 30. December 2019
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Sweet cherry Irena (s) - a real heart cherry

Our variety highlight for your cherry range: the sweet cherry 'Irena' with its heart-shaped large fruits which have very fruity aroma is simply marvellous!

EFC cv / GKE NV 18. December 2019

Grower Testimonal

Hubert Bernhard from Kressbron am Bodensee in Germany is a proud Kanzi® grower. A Kanzi® apple not only looks good with its beautiful clear color, it also tastes great.

EFC cv / GKE NV 18. December 2019
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Kanzi® & Migo®

Kanzi® is not just any apple, it is an apple of great taste and quality. Migo® is the friendly pear you can eat anytime and anywhere. Supported by GKE’s marketing activities and worldwide partners, Kanzi® and Migo® are successful brands and continuously growing.

Evelina GmbH 19. November 2019
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Evelina® the bright red colour, perfect shape and a crunchy yet juicy bite, all accompanied by a pleasantly sweet and aromatic taste. Evelina® the bright red colour, perfect shape and a crunchy yet juicy bite, all accompanied by a pleasantly sweet and aromatic taste.

Roelofs Baumschule - Tree Nursery 2. October 2019
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Gala Dark Ann®: a new mutation of Gala

Dark Ann® is characterised by an intense, dark-red, blocked coloured and attractive skin colour. This mutant matures 2-4 days earlier than other Gala varieties.

Vissers Aardbeiplanten BV 19. September 2019
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Plants for professional growers

Vissers produces high quality planting material of good health. Professional growers will find strawberry plants, asparagus plants, raspberry plants and blackberry plants in our offer.

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