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New solutions for plant protection

Despite high quality requirements, pesticides are increasingly being restricted: an interesting area of tension.

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Certis Europe B.V. 4. February 2020
Product Highlight

Residue-free apple production

Do you have the requirement from the retail trade to keep the residues in apples as low as possible? With Kumar, Eradicoat and Neudosan New we have created effective crop protection products to help you achieve this goal. Since 2020 these products have also been approved for organic cultivation.

Maschinenfabrik Bermatingen GmbH & Co. KG 28. January 2020
Product Highlight

Combat murine in an environmentally friendly way

Stop the murine plagues! In larger numbers, mice quickly become a plague of mice, some of which are responsible for serious crop failures. With the humus MOUSEKILLER you counteract this danger simply and effectively - without cumbersome traps or dangerous poison.

Zupan d.o.o. 17. January 2020
Product Highlight

Orchard sprayer

DT blower sprayers have a narrow blower body and a low noise level. Visit us at the booth of Fruchtwelt Bodensee to learn more about the blower sprayer for fruit growing.

AGROFRESH GERMANY 19. November 2019
Product Highlight

SmartFresh™: just-picked quality

SmartFresh™ enables just-picked quality all the way to the consumer. Optimizing returns, saving energy and improving peak freshness, SmartFresh™ enhances your storage systems to help you deliver on your customers’ high expectations—and deliver your freshest produce further.

Certis Europe B.V. 13. November 2019
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Eradicoat is a new crop protection product against aphids and spider mites. It is permitted in all crops outdoors as well as in protected cultivation in Germany. The active ingredient maltodextrin is not relevant for residues.

Koppert Deutschland GmbH 30. October 2019
Product Highlight

Natural pest control for specialized, open- field crops

Nematodes are an optimal way to prevent harmful organisms in orchards. For example, it is possible to reduce the development of codling moth larvae by 90% using Steinernema feltiae.

Heinrich GLAESER Nachf. GmbH 16. October 2019

Insect protection net ensures successful harvest

The drosophila suzukii spread rapidly in Germany after its implantation. Also, one of our customers had to fight strongly with the infestation of the pest. By using the GLAESERgrow insect protection net he was able to protect his yields and experience a successful harvest season.

Heinrich GLAESER Nachf. GmbH 15. October 2019
Product Highlight

GLAESERgrow Nonwoven Crop Cover

The GLAESERgrow + CROPprotec Nonwoven Crop Cover is used to cover plants directly on the ground in order to protect them against frost, especially at night. Our cover ensures even moisture and heat exchange and thus provides ideal conditions for the optimal and healthy growth of your crops.

VOEN Vöhringer GmbH & Co. KG 18. September 2019
Service Highlight

Fast and precise assembly support

The correct installation of the system is an essential factor when it comes to stability, safety and resistance. With the technical support of our staff, you can be sure that all requirements are met quickly and accurately.

VOEN Vöhringer GmbH & Co. KG 18. September 2019
Product Highlight

Unique protection for stone and berry fruit

From an idea in 2001, VOEN has developed a roofing system for orchards over the past ten years. All in all, this system is unique on this market.

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