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WIR - Werbeideen und Etikettendruckerei Reissner GmbH 30. November 2021
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Personal advice on label design and printing

With a view of current design trends and attention to the legal requirements, your ideas are implemented imaginatively by experienced employees with in-depth knowledge. Our service also includes suggestions for optimizing existing labels or binding color proofs.

BEEsharing P.A.L.S. GmbH 11. February 2020
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BEEsharing Pollination Calculator

Our pollination calculator brings science and experience together: Within just a few minutes you can find out which pollinator mix is the right one for your farmland and which yield increase you can expect.

BEEsharing P.A.L.S. GmbH 11. February 2020

BEEsharing - pollination rethought.

Sustainable, modern and individual: that is BEEsharing. We bring agriculture 4.0 together with the needs of pollinators and farmers on www.bestä

Ecocert IMO GmbH 6. February 2020
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Organic certifications: Organic, fair and regional

Create an unique profile for your fruits through organic and sustainability labels. Ecocert IMO GmbH is an experienced expert in organic certification with comprehensive access to demanding environmental and sustainability standards.

Boomkwekerij Henri Fleuren B.V. 24. January 2020
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Always up to date with WolkyTolky

WolkyTolky is an ideal metering station for every farmer. Whether you are a fruit grower, tree nurser, horticulturist, arable farmer. WolkyTolky is configured as a weather station, to support you as a farmer.

Plattenhardt + Wirth GmbH Industrie- und Kühlraumbau 16. January 2020
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Our Service on which you can rely on

As your long-standing competent partner in cold storage / hygiene construction, we know your industry very well and the importance of qualified service for your power operated doors and gates as well as electrical components at your CA and ULO warehouse doors.

ARTEVOS GmbH 30. December 2019
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Artevos GmbH presents itself online in a new look: from 2020 the specific target groups, i.e. commercial fruit growers and private gardeners, will able to receive the more detailed information about the varieties.

Bosch Software Innovations GmbH 11. November 2019

Save time and money, maximise your yield.

With Deepfield Connect, you're safe from frost and heat. See for yourself and read how customers report optimized growth factors, higher yields, and cost-effective water and nutrient supply.

Heinrich GLAESER Nachf. GmbH 15. October 2019
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Nonwoven - / Foil - Disposal

After long use and wear of the GLAESERgrow nonwoven crop covers and foils we organize the disposal of our products for you. This saves you time and support a more environmentally friendly removal of the cover materials.

Roelofs Baumschule - Tree Nursery 2. October 2019
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Workshop and demonstrations: SCIONON® grafting tools

More and more customers are making inquiries about the possibility of supplying semi-finished items. We are therefore happy to help our customers with the purchasing of the superior SCIONON grafting tools. We also provide facilities for on-site training in association with SCIONON.

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