Special cultures

Berries, fruits, vegetables or wine: a diverse landscape offers promising opportunities for special crops.

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Verein Publikationen Spezialkulturen VPS December 5, 2022

Swiss magazine for orchards and viticulture

The Swiss specialist journal for fruit and wine growing appears 18 times a year and is published by the Publications Specialty Cultures Association. The magazine has been established 1865 and offers in-depth insights into the world of wine production, fruit and spirits production.

Vivai Mazzoni s.s. Società Agricola November 28, 2022

A Family Tradition

An authentically Italian production chain for more than 60 years: where passion for our land's products is a family tradition. Productivity, cost containment, plant health and respect for the environment: these are the values that inspire our quest for innovative solutions on a daily basis.

Schneider Verblasetechnik November 22, 2022

Winter White Paint

With a targeted winter white "paint" you achieve: a later sprouting time and significantly less frost damage, insects, fungi such as ESCA, mosses and lichens have no chance to settle down and hibernate. All nutrients are later available to the roots.

Maschinenfabrik Bermatingen GmbH & Co. KG February 10, 2020

humus rotary mower OMB

Especially designed for the cultivation of the blossom strip in orchards. Beneficial insects (e.g. bees, butterflies) and predators of aphids and spider mites (ladybugs, aphid lions) are encouraged through blossom strips with indigenous flowering meadow plants and wild herbs in orchards.

Certis Europe B.V. November 13, 2019
Product Highlight


Eradicoat is a new crop protection product against aphids and spider mites. It is permitted in all crops outdoors as well as in protected cultivation in Germany. The active ingredient maltodextrin is not relevant for residues.

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