Product Highlight FRUCHTWELT BODENSEE 2023


Belt press POWERPRESS is designed for pressing fruit, berry and vegetable mass and producing juice. The machine has an integrated pump and juice collector for more convenient use.

Available capacity: 400 kg/h, 800 kg/h, 1200 kg/h, 1500 kg/h, 3000 kg/h

How machine works

Fruit mass is placed on the tape which presses it against cylinders. The obtained juice flows into integrated collection tank under the press. Then the pump transfers the juice from the press to a desired tank for further processing. The pressing process is continuous.

Main features:

  • The juice yield of apples using our belt press is ~75 %.
  • The most evolutionary feature of our Belt press POWERPRESS line is that belt presses come with integrated pump and juice collection tank. This means you save money and do not need additional juice collection tank and pump which otherwise would use much space and cause additional costs.
  • There is a filtration sieve integrated into the juice collection tank. It filtrates the juice providing clearer and purer product.
  • Machine works automatically: when the mash inlet tank is full, all other machines, which come before belt press, turn off automatically. When the juice tank is full, the pump automatically pumps the juice into the tanks.
  • The belt press includes a high-pressure washer, which continuously washes the belt of the machine.
  • POWERPRESS 800/1200/1500/3000 have an openable pneumatic cover which makes the washing process of the machine easier.
  • After work, belt press should be manually washed with a water stream. A full washing process takes around 15-20 minutes. Washing is simple and all the parts of the belt press are easily removable without any tools.
  • Belt tension is adjustable.
  • The washing is simple, and all the parts of the belt press are easily removable.
  • Machine is made entirely of stainless steel and has adjustable feet.

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