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From tractors to harvesters and fruit-sorting plant and much more: the providers will be offering you a large selection of machinery and equipment. Everybody will find what they are looking for here.

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Feucht-Obsttechnik GmbH November 22, 2022

Fruit harvester - picking machines

Harvest faster. Lower costs: With the fruit picking machines from the market leader, you work much more profitably. In this post we will give you more information about the machines.

Feucht-Obsttechnik GmbH November 22, 2022

Sorting station - fruit sorting trolley

With our fruit cleaning trolleys you achieve a perfect selection of the harvest and save time. With the fruit cleaning trolley, grass and leaves are removed and the good fruit is separated from the rotten ones.


Manure Spreader for Vineyard, Orchard or Berries

Small-sized manure spreader for use between rows of different crops such as vineyards, orchards, berries, hazelnuts. It allows you to locate the product at the foot of the row and adjust the quantity to be distributed. Possibility of different customized equipment based on the type of product.

Maschinenfabrik Bermatingen GmbH & Co. KG December 9, 2020

humus flailmulcher PM

The new humus PM mulcher permits working speeds of up to 14 km/h. The large housing with a passage height of 80 cm likewise supports the high working speeds, because the mulched material can very quickly flow off.

Maschinenfabrik Bermatingen GmbH & Co. KG February 10, 2020

humus rotary mower OMB

Especially designed for the cultivation of the blossom strip in orchards. Beneficial insects (e.g. bees, butterflies) and predators of aphids and spider mites (ladybugs, aphid lions) are encouraged through blossom strips with indigenous flowering meadow plants and wild herbs in orchards.

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