Cameo® is an apple variety which combines very good eating qualities (sweet, crisp and very juicy), high yields in the orchards and outstanding storage potential

Origin: Cameo® is an apple variety that was discovered as a chance seedling in the USA in 1980. Genetic research has indicated the variety is probably a cross between Red Delicious and Golden Delicious.

Appearance: Cameo® has very attractive red stripes with pronounced white speckles.

Eating qualities: Cameo® is crisp, very juicy and sweet with an outstanding balanced taste which has always been highly rated in all consumer tests across Europe.

Yield: very productive, Cameo® belongs to the most productive diploid varieties and new orchards come into production rapidly.

Storage potential: Cameo® apples have excellent storage capacities and retain taste, texture and skin finish up to 1 year in CA store, increasing the utilisation of cold stores, grading and packing facilities. They also have an excellent shelf-life and do not bruise easily.

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