Product Highlight

Combat murine in an environmentally friendly way

Stop the murine plagues! In larger numbers, mice quickly become a plague of mice, some of which are responsible for serious crop failures. With the humus MOUSEKILLER you counteract this danger simply and effectively - without cumbersome traps or dangerous poison.

On its own, the mouse is a cute little animal. Even in the cartoon world for children, they are usually portrayed as cute and pleasant. This may be true for one or the other animal, but in larger numbers mice quickly become a plague that must be taken seriously.

Because once a feed store or an orchard is infested, the financial damage is great. The best way to combat a plague of mice is with the humus mousekiller.


Your benefits at a glance

  • Can be dismantled in a few simple steps
    Handy and compact for easy transportation
  • Easiest operation
    Only a few minutes preparation time
  • Works quickly and reliably
    Only a few minutes preparation time 
  • Safe for plants and birds
    …terminates murine plagues in meadows, gardens, fruit orchards and vineyards