Product Highlight FRUCHTWELT BODENSEE 2023

Fruit Dryer frutty Mod. 15 heatpump

Professional fruit dryer frutty 15 with air dehumidification system for dehydrating fruits, berries, herbs, mushrooms, vegetables, tee. Closed loop drying unit.

The dryer is made entirely of stainless steel. The dryer chamber is full insulated and equipped with 25 drying trays. At the bottom is a drip tray with drain. The dehydrating process is based on heat convection and moisture condensing principle with heat pump. The circulation of warm and dry air absorbs the moisture of the product, and the moisture is condensed into water and release over a pipe from the drying chamber. 
The energy from the heat pump is used to warm up the air. In addition, a heating element with 1kW is installed to accelerate the start-up and heat up if the unit is placed in a cold room.
The dryer meets the appropriate hygiene requirements, is easy to clean and maintain.
The temperature and the humidity inside the dryer are easily adjustable and visible on the touch-display control panel. 


  • fast, ecological and easy to use
  • gentle drying
  • no burning of the fruits
  • trays in stainless steel 
  • Touch screen to control and set own drying programs. 
  • low energy consumption
  • enzymes and vitamins are well-preserved
  • no need to turn over the goods
  • no more moisture in the working area (water is discharged back)
  • the apples don’t get brown, because the surface dries quickly


  • continuous air processing so as to preserve the freshness of the product;
  • possibility of treatment product at low temperature (below 45 °C) with dehumidified air to preserve fragrance, color, aroma and a high level of rehydration of the product;
  • homogeneity of distribution of the process air;
  • low operating costs and low power consumption;
  • possibility to manage the level of humidity (RH%) present in the final product with settings on the control panel, 
  • PLC controller for temperature and cyclus time

Technical data:

  • Load surface: 2.0 m² 
  • Dimension (l w h): 1100 x 625 x 1100 mm 
  • Trays: n. 8 –500x500 mm
  • Air temperature: up to 80 °C
  • 220V 50Hz 0.65kW 
  • unit on wheels
  • Trays made from stainless steel