Innovation to Help Farmers Protect Their Harvests

Weeds, diseases, harmful insects and fungi rob plants of water, sunlight, and nutrients, which can have a devastating impact on food production.

Growers rely on a host of tools to fight these ever-present threats that account for up to 40 percent of the world's annual crop loss. Without the use of reliable crop protection solutions, those losses could be much higher – and threaten the stability of the world's food supply.

With a 100+ year history of groundbreaking science and invention, Bayer has long stood at the forefront of agricultural innovation. Today, we proudly supply a broad range of tailored crop protection solutions to farmers worldwide to help them manage their fields and maximize yields across seasons, crops, geographies and circumstances. 

The crop protection toolbox

There is no singular approach to crop protection. Farmers today use a diverse set of tools to protect their crops, including state-of-the-art chemical and biological products, advanced seeds and traits, data-driven field insights, and precision technologies. While these tools are individually powerful, they become even more so when they’re combined in ways that meet farmers’ specific needs and circumstances. This tailored solutions approach can enhance farmer productivity and sustainability while minimizing the environmental impact of agriculture

Crop protection is central to this approach, and Bayer’s industry-leading portfolio of chemical and biological crop protection products spans all indications – herbicides, fungicides and insecticides.  Additionally, we have the most valuable and robust pipeline in the industry. Between now and 2030, we expect to launch dozens of new crop protection products and integrated solutions.

All of our innovations are grounded in one thing: the urgent farmer need for integrated, effective and sustainable tools to help them combat an onslaught of crop threats and maximize productivity – all while reducing their environmental footprint and protecting the earth and its inhabitants.

Crop protection innovations

Bayer is leading the way in creating integrated crop protection solutions geared for the future. With new technologies, data science and digital tools available to us, we are on a mission to truly transform the crop protection landscape to make it modern, forward-thinking and sustainable. 

Bayer’s strategy is focused on leveraging innovation gains made possible by the convergence of existing knowledge and scientific disciplines, new technical capabilities, insights and answers empowered by data science, and our exceptional, world-class team of scientists and experts. We are also looking beyond Bayer for disruptive thinkers and game-changing technologies to extend our R&D efforts and accelerate the delivery of novel crop protection solutions to the marketplace.

By taking this bold and broad approach, Bayer will be able to deliver tomorrow’s truly transformative, integrated solutions that will shape the future of crop protection and production.

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