Nursery specialising in the creation and production of pip and stone fruit varieties

International fruit tree propagation and supply, underpinned by a research station, propsing advanced varietal development using cutting edge techniques.

Specialised in pip fruit and stone fruit, Dalival (resulting from the merger of Pépinières Valois and DL Davodeau Ligonnière) is considered as a leader in the fruit tree nursery business and research and developpemnt of new fruit varieties.

Thanks to its extended experience acquired in various activities of the fruit industry, the company has a multi-specialist profile:

  • Breeder: Dalival has been creating varieties for over 40 years.
  • Research: 20 hectares of experimental orchards, with a selection of over 20,000 varieties.
  • Licensor: Dalival promotes major varieties and rootstock.
  • Nursery: with the help of its affiliates, Dalival produces and sells, in Europe, North Africa and Middle East, 5 million rootstocks and over 5 million apple and pear trees each year.
  • Fruit Grower: Dalival produces 5500 tonnes of apples and pears.

Key figures Dalival:

R & D:

  • 20 ha
  • Over 20,000 seeds per year
  • More than 40,000 trees in observation


  • 5 million apple, pear and stone fruit trees
  • 5 million rootstocks
  • 6 million graftwood and budwood
  • 7 affiliate nurseries
  • A complete catalogue with over 100 varieties of apple trees, 12 varieties of pear trees and 25 pipfruit rootstock varieties, 20 varieties of cherry trees, 60 varieties of peach and nectarine trees, 20 varieties of apricot trees and 15 varieties of plum trees.

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