Product Highlight FRUCHTWELT BODENSEE 2024

Photovoltaics in viticulture

Discover the potential of Viti PV systems with Intech! Our innovative solution optimises viticulture through dual land use and not only increases the energy yield.

Space has always been a limited commodity. As prices have risen in recent years, we have become increasingly aware of this.

That's why we at Intech are on the verge of optimising the use of photovoltaics paired with our innovative systems for efficient dual use - whether water, arable land or off-grid. 

In addition to agri-PV systems, Viti-PV systems also represent great and almost untapped potential. With our headquarters in the idyllic wine region of Baden and our own vineyards and arable land, the Vollmer family is very familiar with the hurdles, plants and problems and we are constantly developing our approaches and products based on personal experience. We are supported by various agricultural research institutes and specialist consultants in analysing the results.

One example of this is the Vita PV system developed in 2023, which will be realised as part of the RegioWIN lighthouse project "Viticulture 4.0" in Blankenhornsberg. 

A 240 kWp system was built on an area of 0.2 ha. Electrical commissioning is scheduled for March 2024. In this case, the energy generated will be fed into the electricity grid, but can also be used to power machines independently, for example. The energy generated can supply around 160 households per year. 

The work and installation of the system above the existing rows of vines and their wire framework posed a particular challenge.

Initial results showed longer shoots and internodes. The shading also meant that the vines were less exposed to drought stress and the vines' resistance was increased.

Another "Viticulture 4.0" project with an output of 600 kWp is already being planned and will be realised on a terrace solution in Oberkirch-Bottenau in the course of the year. 

Like many of our projects, this one was also subsidised by the state of Baden-Württemberg. Find out about current tenders - we will be happy to support you!