Scab-resistant apple varieties

Fleuren Nursery has a wide range of scab-resistant varieties in its programme. The assortment ranges from the early picking window (WURsixo, WURanda, Freya®) to the medium and late picking window (WURtwinning, Natyra®/Magic Star®).


Scab-resistant early variety (mid-August) from Fresh Forward.
Striped red-yellow fruits with sweet-sour taste and very high resistance.
Shelf life (1st results) until January. 
Currently commercially available in Norway under the name Eden. Introduction in Europe will start in 2023.


Scab-resistant early variety (end of August) from Fresh Forward.
Bright red, refreshing fruit with a sweet taste and enormous juiciness.
A phenomenally crunchy texture due to the cross with Honeycrunch.
Shelf life (1st results) until January. Currently commercially available in Norway under the name Fryd. Introduction in Europe will start in 2023.


Is the registered brand name of the scab-resistant apple variety WUR37. Freya® apples are comparable to Elstar in taste and picking time. Freya® apples can be sold as part of an open sales concept, similar to Elstar and Wellant®. WUR37 is a cross between Elise and a scab-resistant selection from the Dutch apple breeding programme of Wageningen University & Research (WUR).


Scab-resistant, medium-late variety (mid/late September) from Fresh Forward.
With its attractive, light pink, slightly striped fruits with pronounced lenticels, this variety is a real eye-catcher.

The sweet taste with a sour kick and an exceptional eating experience due to the fine texture in combination with the good cripsyness makes this apple one that customers come back for. WURtwinning can be stored until May for sure.

Natyra®/Magic Star®

SQ159 as a Natyra® brand apple can be found in the organic market/sector and is intuitively associated with organic cultivation by consumers due to the catchy name. Natyra® is characterised in cultivation by its robustness against diseases (scab-resistant) and reflects the environmental performance of organic fruit cultivation to a special degree. Natyra® is a quality apple with a sweet, aromatic and crisp taste and an outstanding shelf life. 

In conventional cultivation, the brand name of the apple is SQ159 Magic Star®. This is a club variety, which is always introduced in a market in cooperation with a supermarket chain.