Are you in love, or why are you salting your soil? ♥️

The world does not need any more salt-stabilised fertilisers, because we are oversalting our soils with them. We need products that make the use of nutrients more efficient and do not harm the environment.

In conventional fertilisers, the nutrients are stabilised with salt. As a result, the salt content or EC value in the soil increases when conventional fertilisers are used. This has a negative effect on the growth, development and production of plants, as the absorption of nutrients and water is affected. 

Oversalted soil affects the availability of water and disrupts osmosis. This leads to water being drawn out of the plant cells, resulting in drought stress. Salt also affects the pH value in the soil, which in turn blocks nutrients. This can lead to a lack of nutrients in the plant. In extreme cases, oversalted soil can inhibit root growth and damage the roots, further impairing the plant's ability to absorb water and nutrients.

The salt issue is one reason why our focus is on the overall understanding of how the soil-water-plant-atmosphere agricultural system works. This is because a holistic view of the plant in the agricultural system is essential in order to be able to practise intensive agriculture with minimal nutrient input without damaging the environment.

We stabilise our nutrients with the help of biodynamic molecules, the Colloidal Nanoporters®. This allows us to dispense with nutrient salts in our products. The use of our products does not increase the salt content in the soil. On the contrary, the salt content is reduced through the use of our products and the EC value is also reduced. Furthermore, our Colloidal Nanoporters® require fewer nutrients in our products than conventional fertilisers. 

We invite you to experience our Nubiotek® products with the Colloidal Nanoporters® to learn how the application of our Nubiotek® products not only has positive effects on the plant, but also brings great benefits to the soil. Another good opportunity to get to know us after the trade fair is at our Stammtisch, which we organise on Thursdays.