Product Highlight FRUCHTWELT BODENSEE 2023

Filling Machine KBF 2000 & KRF 6

With the Kreuzmayr filling machines fruit juices can be filled into different closure systems, according to the series. This makes it possible to fill liquids (cold or hot) into bottles or BAGinBOX pouches.


The Kreuzmayr line bottlers can fill bottles with different heights. This is done with a filling valve made of stainless steel with a rubber gasket. The empty bottles are placed under the filler pipe. This opens the filling valves in the filler neck and the liquid flows from the buffer tank into the bottles through the flowing pressure.


The desired filling volume is set on the digital display. The BAGinBOX pouch is placed in the intake, the fastener of the pouch is removed and the filling valve is placed in the inlet of the BAG. The filling process starts by itself and the valve closes automatically when the set volume is reached.


  • The machines are made completely of stainless steel
  • Quick adjustment for different filling volumes
  • Usable for different pouch- and bottle sizes
  • Filling pump with magnetic-inductive flow meter (KFB 2000)
  • Clean handling and no overflow of juice
  • Clear setting layout through touchscreen-display (KFB 2000)