Griba Nursery

A 35 year success story: Griba Nursery was founded in 1987. The 7 producing members grow 3 million fruit trees of the newest and most innovative varieties and clones on the market and export them all over the world.

The production of Griba Nursery is wide-ranging. From classic varieties with their most modern mutations to exclusive club varieties and resistant or innovative red-fleshed varieties, the range of the assortment is very variable and unique.

One of our main objectives is to offer you innovative varieties of the best possible quality.

Griba Breeding – Innovation in apple varieties

In 2008, Griba started its own breeding programme to develop new apple varieties. The main objective of the project is to obtain apples of high quality, i.e. of high crispness and juiciness, a good balance of sweetness and acidity, an attractive appearance and a good shelf life. Also important for us are ease of cultivation for the grower and scab resistance or tolerance.

Simply the best varieties are selected for the next stages, which are tested in different regional environments and around the world. The outgoing apples must please not only the consumers but also the growers in the field.

Taste, colour, and crispness to seduce people; easy cultivation with good shelf life to convince the grower. That is the apple from the Griba breeding programme.

Griba Consulting and Service – your advisor for fruit farming

Griba contributes to your success.

Griba Consulting and Services offers specialised, customer-focused advice to best meet your needs.

With more than 30 years of experience in fruit production and a constant commitment to research and development, we are always at the forefront of innovations in production and new forms of cultivation, new varieties, machinery and fruit storage.

Griba and his team will advise you on the complete design of your orchard:

  • Selection of suitable varieties, arrangement, irrigation, hail protection and implementation.
  • Griba follows the whole cycle of work and management of your orchard:
  • Assistance with the correct pruning of trees, fertilisation, plant protection and training of qualified staff.